Carleton College: Compatibility with Personality Types and Preferences Part 6)

Carleton CollegeINTP relates to the word ‘concentration’ and will likely find Carleton’s concentration in Cognitive Science a good choice. In fact they might delight in the comparison of the computer to the human mind as one of the directions this study will point them toward. The nature of careers in the cognitive sciences suits INTP who prefers to reason with technical concepts in evolving fields.

Excitement for this type is to originate the cutting edge and the sharper the better. ISTP can handle the precision and concentration needed in the work associated with Biochemistry.

At Carleton, students study both chemistry and biology as separate fields and then pursue integration through experience and exercises developed by the faculty.  ISTP likes technical work and might easily wander into the field of applied medicine in designing, operating or maintaining sensitive medical equipment.

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