Boston College Physical Environment Part (2)

Boston CollegeBoston College has a self-enclosed campus surrounded by a mature neighborhood of upscale homes and estates. There is public transportation outside the entrance to upper campus. It’s the last stop and turn-around for the T, a trolley that runs down the middle of Commonwealth Avenue, packed with students from other nearby universities, the Boston Common, coffee shops and rented apartments along the way.

Over the last decades Boston College has experienced significant enrollment growth in both its undergraduate and graduate programs. Despite new residences such as Voute’ Hall on the main campus, a second campus in nearby Newton was needed and built. The college provides regular bus service for undergraduates to and from Chestnut Hill.

The 40 acre Newton campus supports the law school, a center for conferences and the undergraduate residence halls. Although some students might prefer to reside on the Chestnut Hill campus, others are happy enough to livein the Newton residence halls. In fact, they claim the food is better there, it’s easy to make friends and the bus becomes a meeting place for getting to class together with a friend.

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