The Importance of Computer Skills (2)

Also learn how to use spreadsheet, database, and graphics programs. Spreadsheets help with calculations. Databases help you organize lots of information. Your address book is essentially a database.

Graphics programs are great for creating and editing illustrations, photos, and charts. If you need help developing your skills, talk to your teachers or school counselors, librarian, mentor, or youth group leader.

Know how to access the Internet and to use e-mail safely and properly. Learn how to use search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. Practice researching information. You may even find Web sites that can help you when you are having difficulty with your homework!

Even if you don’t have your own computer, you may be able to use one at your school or public library. Also, as people upgrade their computers, they are often willing to sell, or even give away, their old computers.

A lot of information is available on the Internet—some of it is reliable and some is not. Learning to tell good sources from bad ones is an important Internet skill. Even though these sources can be quite helpful, it is important that you still complete your own assignments.

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